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WD Music Fender Tele 3-Way Wiring Kit Diagram,wiring,parts included NO Knobs

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Restore or rebuild your guitar with these quality wiring kits

WD's upgraded Fender Telecaster 3 way wiring kit. Compare to the other guys—these are the real deal. Genuine CTS potentiometers, Switchcraft jack, we even throw in that capacitor for tone control. Why build or repair your guitar with cheap parts? Knobs and switch tipsare not included.

  • 1 Genuine Switchcraft 1/4 in. input jack WDE12
  • 1 OAK 3 way lever switch WDE3
  • 1 .001 Sprague Orange Drop capacitor (.001 SPRAGUE)
  • 1 .047 Sprague Orange Drop capacitor (.047 SPRAGUE)
  • 2 ft. Gavitt vintage black cloth wire (CABLE CLOTH WIRE BLACK)
  • 2 CTS 250K audio taper pots 10% tolerance (CTS250)
  • Wiring diagram
  • Item Number: TEWIREKIT3WAY