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Trem King Vibrato Telecaster Fixed Guitar Bridge Tele Tremolo Bridge Gold TKS-2

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TREM KING is a vibrato system for guitars that use a fixed bridge concept.

The bridge plate is fixed to the body of the guitar. The saddles are fixed to the bridge and do not move. The intonation point and string height never change as with many other designs. All the action happens inside the guitar. And the best part is NOTHING happens until you touch the vibrato bar.

The TKS-2 is designed for guitars that have a slanted single coil pickup at the bridge that mounts to the bridge plate.

  • Color: Gold
  • Thread: 8mm x 1.25 Metric
  • Stud to Stud Spacing: 3.22 inches/ 82mm
  • Pre-Notched Saddles
  • Stud Cap Size: 15.5mm/.61 in)
  • 12 inch radius
  • 10.4mm String Spacing
  • Item Number: TK-2GD

    Individually packaged acrylic installation templates sold separately (TKS-2 IT)

    **Routing of a spring cavity is necessary for installation of this unit. Routing is necessary on EVERY guitar when retrofitting types of vibrato systems. The routing necessary for a Trem King installation is quite nominal compared to others.**