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Trapeze Tailpiece Old 175 Zig-Zag Style for Hollowbody Guitar - Gold

$ 79.99

This tailpiece is a gold-plated replica of the tailpiece used by Gibson on ES-175 model instruments from the mid 1950's up to the early 1960's.

Comes complete with mounting screws and tailpiece hinge drilled to include center strap button. Strap button not included.

  • String Spacing at tension bar: 2-1/8 in (54mm)
  • Tension bar overall width: 3-61/64 in. (100mm)
  • Tailpiece length not including hinge: 5-13/32 in. (137.5mm)
  • Length of Hinge to center of hinge loop: 2-11/32 in. (59.5mm)
  • Hinge width: 2-9/64 in. (54.4mm)
  • Strap button hole location: 1-13/64 in (30.7mm) below hinge loop center
  • Hinge mounting hole locations: 9/16 in. (14.3mm) above strap button hole center
  • Lower mounting hole location: 11/16 below center of strap button hole
  • Upper hinge mounting holes: 1-1/16 in. (27.1mm) apart centered above strap button hole