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Shubb C6b Brass Capo For Dobro High Nut Hawaiian

$ 41.99

Shubb C6B Brass Capo for Dobro & other guitars set up with a high nut to play with bar, or Hawaiian style.

This Capo is adjustable for string height ranging from 3/8" - 7/16", which covers the great majority of instruments.
Call it what you will: Dobro, resophonic, or resonator guitar, square-neck guitar, some used to call it a hound dog guitar. If your string action is at least 3/8" - too high to fret with your fingers, and you play with a bar - this is the right Capo!
Unlike other Dobro capos that attach only to the strings, the Shubb clamps solidly to the neck to provide great tone.
This is a great price for a quality piece!

  • Designed for flat neck dobros
  • Brass finish
  • Soft, resilient rubber sleeves
  • Doesn't create tuning problems

  • Note: This is NOT suitable for hollow neck (Weissenborn style) guitars.