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Rico Smart Pak Alto Saxophone Kit Mouthpiece Reeds Grease Cap/Lig Swab RSMPAKASX

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Never get in a rut with Rico Reeds and Accessories

The Rico Smart Pak contains all of the essential accessories the beginner needs to start making music right away. The perfect partner to rental or purchased student-model instruments. Contains: mouthpiece, ligature, cap, mouthpiece saver, cork grease, and Reedgard with two size 2.5 reeds

  • Contain essential accessories for Beginners/students
  • Mouthpiece with cap and ligature
  • Cork Grease, mouthpiece saver
  • Reedgard with Qty: 2 - Size 2.5 reeds
  • For Alto Sax
  • Item Number: RSMPAKASX