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Kent Armstrong HOWLER - Stratocaster High Output Guitar Pickup D.C. 7.7K - WPU12

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Kent Armstrong "HOWLER" Stratocaster Hot Pickup
Hot single coils with a big, punchy low end response and cutting mid-range. Slightly darker and hotter than the VS4. Excellent upgrade for thin or bright guitars. The perfect pickup for the guitarist who prefers a beefed up bridge position and more tonal balance between other positions. Great for blues, funk and rock. Staggered polepieces.

Product Details:
  • Ceramic Bar Magnet
  • D.C. resistance = 7.7K
  • Magnet Dimensions - 60mm (L) x 10mm (T) x 5mm (W)
  • Includes: Screws, Springs & Wiring Diag.
  • Black Pickup Cover
  • Model: WPU12