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Kent Armstrong Hot Vintage Jazz Bass Guitar Bridge Pickup

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Kent Armstrong Hot Vintage Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup.

Following shortly after the introduction of the hum-canceling split-P pickup, the now classic Jazz Pickups have a characteristic single coil tone which has an added bonus: since they are wound and magnetized opposite each other, they cancel hum when used together at the same volume! The string never leaves the magnetic field due to having two Alnico V polepieces surrounding each string. Many players are unaware of this added bonus. Also not widely known is that there is a slight difference in length between the two Pickups, with the treble/bridge position being slightly longer. Fits standard Jazz Bass body rout. Black cover with exposed pole pieces.

  • Alnico V Polepieces
  • Resistance: 8.1K
  • Black Cover

  • Cover dimensions:
  • 94.5mm long
  • 18mm wide (at corner)
  • 28.2mm wide (at edge of mounting hole)