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Grover Deluxe Vintage A Type Mandolin Tuners 18:1 Ratio Nickel/Pearl

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A-type Deluxe Mandolin Tuners

This is Grover's new standard 4+4 tuner set for A-style mandolins. These new mandolin machine heads were designed by master luthier Lynn Dudenbostal for Grover and are die cast with an 18:1 ratio for fine tuning. All mounting hardware including screws and bushings are provided.

  • String Post Height: 1 in. (25.4mm)
  • String Post Diameter: 15/16 in. (6mm)
  • Bushing O.D. : 21/64 in. (8mm), Bushing I.D. :15/64 in. (6mm)
  • Outer Post to Post spacing: 2.75 in. (70mm)
  • Post Center to Post Center Spacing: 15/16 in. (23.75mm)
  • Mounting Plate Length: 4 1/3 in. (110mm)
  • Distance from top mounting hole to bottom mounting hole: 3 51/64 in. (93.5mm)
  • Mounting Hole to Mounting Hole: 61/64 in. (24.1mm)
  • Item Number: 309N