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Graph Tech - SuperCharger Acoustic Guitar Kit - Compensated 3/32" Thick Saddle

$ 29.99

Simply put, there is a lot of unused potential in your guitar tone and ultimately your guitar performance. These kits are specifically designed to enhance harmonics, reduce string breakage, and improve tuning performance for your acoustic or electric guitar. You owe it to yourself to hear and feel the difference Graph Tech components will make to your playing experience. The PX-9110-00 allows you to upgrade your acoustic guitar with a compensated TUSQ saddle and a set of TUSQ bridge pins in one convenient package. It comes with everything you need including two different grits of sandpaper to achieve a perfect fit. Your guitar now can sound and perform its best.

Kit Includes:
  • PQ-9110-00 - TUSQ Compensated 3/32" thick Saddle
  • PP-1122-00 - TUSQ Traditional Style Pins (white with black dot inlay)
  • 240 & 600 Grit Sandpaper

    Hardware Specs:
  • Length: 2 29/32”
  • Width: 3/32”
  • Height: 13/32”

  • Traditional Style Bridge Pins
  • Shank Diameter: 5.14mm
  • Length: 30.12mm

  • Note: All Graph Tech bridge pins have a 3ΒΊ taper. If you find the pin shank is slightly too thick, you can easily sand any extra material with some fine grit sandpaper for a customized fit.