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Graph Tech Ghost Acoustic MIDI System for Nylon String Guitars – PK-7077-00

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Graph Tech, Made in Cananda

The PK-7077-00 is the Acoustic MIDI system for nylon string guitars. This allows you to add our Hexpander and Acousti-Phonic to any nylon string guitar. It gives you access to the fastest tracking MIDI system along as well as an extremely realistic acoustic tone to your classical guitar.

Kit Includes:
  • 6 Individual ghost Acoustic MIDI Nylon pickups
  • BD-5100-00 ghost battery / jack assembly
  • BD-0077-00 ghost tone control preamp board
  • BD-0477-00 ghost Acoustic / Hexpander preamp board
  • BD-0512-12 Hexpander interface wiring harness (non keyed)
  • BS-0077-00 ghost Pagoda shim
  • BD-0515-00 13 pin mounting plate
  • BD-0205-00 Battery holder
  • Item Number: PK-7077-00