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Graph Tech String Saver Classic Saddles PRS Guitars 2 1/16 Spacing PG-8220-00

$ 67.96

Reduce your string breakage for a great price!

String Saver Classics combine the microscopic lubricant technology of String Saver with the classic look of steel. They are constructed to reduce string breakage yet retain the same look and sustain as regular steel saddles.

You will receive the Graph Tech PG-8220-00 String Saver Classics Saddles that fits PRS Paul Reed Smith Guitars with a Stainless Steel finish and includes an Allen Key.

  • Thickness: 13/32" (10.41 mm)
  • Length: 13/16" (20.73 mm)
  • Height: 7/32" (5.84 mm)
  • First to Last String: 2-1/16” (52.73 mm)
  • Includes 6 saddles and 1 allen key
  • Part Number: PG-8220-00

  • Compatible guitars:
    Paul Reed Smith CE 22 (Graph Tech)
    Paul Reed Smith CE 24 (Graph Tech)
    Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 (Graph Tech)