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Genuine Fender 250K Alpha Audio Taper Sealed Control Pot with .047 MDF Cap

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Replace, repair, and restore

Some replacement Squire parts are really hard to find, including the wiring, pots, etc. Here we have an 250K Alpha audio tapered tone control pot that was featured in Squier Vintage Modified SH and SSH Telecaster models. Knurled split shaft pot, quarter sized. The sealed pot has a 0.047 MFD tone capacitor pre-soldered onto the pot so you have one less thing to connect for assembly. Mounting hardware is included!

  • Alpha A250K Tone Potentiometer
  • Knurled Split shaft design
  • Audio Taper
  • Sealed Quarter sized
  • 0.047 MFD cap pre-soldered
  • Shaft: 5.67 x 15mm, Housing: 10.16 x 23.84mm
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • Part Number: 0073717000