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Black Diamond Strings Pedal Steel Guitar C6th Tuning 10 String N745

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Pedal Steel C6th Set

Nickelplated, bright and smooth. Black Diamond’s E9th set embody the qualities that steel players look for when the slide hits the steel.

  • G-1st Steel: .012in (0.356mm)
  • E-2nd Steel: .014in (0.356mm)
  • C-3rd Steel: .017in (0.432mm)
  • A-4th Steel: .020in (0.508mm)
  • G-5th Nickel Wound: .024in (0.610mm)
  • E-6th Nickel Wound: .030in 0.762mm)
  • C-7th Nickel Wound: .036in (0.914mm)
  • A-8th Nickel Wound: .042in (1.067mm)
  • F-9th Nickel Wound: .054in (1.371mm)
  • C-10th Nickel Wound: .070in (1.777mm)
  • Item Number: N745