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Black Diamond Strings 477 Series Nickel Round Wound 8-38 Gauge N477XSL

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Electric Nickel 477 Series

Made with a high-carbon steel hex core and wrapped with USA nickelplated steel, our electric strings provide excellent tonal quality with a high degree of tuning stability.

  • E-1st Steel: .008in (0.203mm)
  • B-2nd Steel: .010in (0.254mm)
  • G-3rd Steel: .014in (0.356mm)
  • D-4th Nickel Wound: .022in (0.559mm)
  • A-5th Nickel Wound: .030in (0.792mm)
  • E-6th Nickel Wound: .038in (0.965mm)
  • Item Number: N477XSL