Ashley Protea 4.8SP 24-Bit Digital Signal Processor 4-in/8-out

  • $ 1,130.00

Protea System Processor (4.8)
The system processor consists of four inputs and eight outputs. It utilizes 48-bit double-precision fixed-point DSP filtering with 24 bit, 48kHz, 128x oversampling delta-sigma A/D and D/A converters.

Digital processing includes Gain, Parametric EQ, Shelving Filters, Time Delay, Crossover Functions, Compression, Limiting, and Matrix Routing. All inputs and outputs are RFI-protected precision balanced on XLR connectors. The processor shall have a front panel interface that allows quick access to all control parameters by offering dedicated function buttons, eliminating the need for hidden sub-menus. The front panel shall have a large white-backlit LCD text display for easy viewing. Front panel LED meter bars shall also be provided on all inputs and outputs. A USB port shall be provided on the front and rear panels for even faster set-ups and stronger visualization of input/output routing, EQ, and filter curves using freely available control software. The back panel shall also provide an RS-232 data port for control and monitoring. The digital processor shall be capable of storing up to 30 preset file “snapshots”. It shall include four security modes; Off, Preset Lock, Parameter Lock, and Full Lockout. When connected to a PC via the USB port, security settings made on the unit are read and used within the software security section. The DSP processor shall mount in a standard 19” rack using 1 space (1.75” high).

the 4.8SP is the 4-in by 8-out model. With active front panel controls, SP’s are at home in a dynamic, live sound environment.
The USB inputs (front and rear panel) provide set-up via Protea™ Software, making SP’s a great choice for permanent installations.
A backlit 2 x 20-character LCD displays channel and function settings.
Dedicated front panel controls provide access to all audio functions and system tools. There is a rear panel RS-232 port in addition to the USB ports.
Advantages of using the software include greater preset capacity, and a very intuitive visual representation of the audio routing and control process.
A 6-foot (1.8m) USB-A to USB-B cable is provided.

Protea 4.8SP Features:
• Front Panel Parameter Control
• Single rack space with XLR audio connections
• Extremely intuitive user interface
• Crossover, EQ, delay and limiter functions
• Outputs assignable to any input
• Front panel or PC programming and control with 4 levels of security
• USB and RS-232 interface
• Third-party control friendly
• Balanced inputs and outputs
• Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth filters
• 12, 18, 24 and 48dB/octave slopes
• Parametric EQ: 1/64th to 4 octave range
• 682ms input and output delay (1,364ms total)
• Limiter on each output
• Individual input and output metering
• Safety/Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS

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