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Dave Coontz and I formed a partnership on a handshake in 1974 based on a solid premise: no compromises. We would make unique products to the highest standard of quality. When we introduced our guitar capo in 1980, we adhered to that policy. The Shubb capo cost twice as much as any other capo then on the market, yet players recognized its quality, and it quickly became the capo of choice for discerning players everywhere. Through the years we have maintained this standard, and along the way we have come to take the same pride in our company that we take in our products. Without the respect and appreciation of the musician, we would be nothing. Without the cooperation and trust of our partners in the music trade, the retailer and wholesaler, we would never have been able to reach our current sales of well over three million capos sold. We remain dedicated to upholding that trust by providing not only the best products we can, but also the best service and support in the business. - Rick Shubb