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Mighty Mite

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Since the 1970s, Mighty Mite has supplied quality guitar parts to some of the best luthiers in the industry. Our pride and customer service are un-matched and the Mighty Mite name stands for Performance Quality. Mighty Mite Bodies are made from the finest North American woods. Our Quality Replacement Bodies are cut from the finest Pacific coast Maple and American Ash. We spray 11 coats and wet sand between coats which gives them a beautiful mirror finish. We offer, P bass, J Bass, Strat and Tele, replacement bodies in a wide variety of colors and woods. Flame and Quilt Tops are also available - See color chart for options. Mighty Mite Fender Licensed Replacement Necks, are made from the finest Northern Michigan & Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Completely shaped, fretted, inlay and finished with a clear satin laquer. Mighty Mite Necks include, truss rod, position markers on the side and finished nickel frets. We also manufacture some of the best pick ups in the industry. From warm and fuzzy to mean and nasty to bright and jangly, our replacement pick ups are unmatched in quality, performance and price.