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At DR we consider the return to American made, old fashioned hand craftsmanship, combined with the very finest of American made high quality metals, a major  part of our most innovative accomplishments. We believe we also re-established the importance of winding on round core wire. We started making  ZEBRA strings, alternating phosphor bronze and nickel plated steel windings. DR introduced color coated strings in 2001 and then brought out NEON strings in 2010, using the world's first high-performance guitar string coating...K3. DDT strings are completely unique in their patent pending construction as they are able to drop tune and stay in tune to an uncanny degree. We refer to K3 coating as a "Hi-Performance" coating, especially on the Dragon-Skin acoustic guitar strings because the coating does not detract from the sound. We believe the Dragon-Skin strings are louder than uncoated acoustic strings and have superb tonal characteristics.
At the time DR started production, computer assisted machinery and semi-automatic machinery for winding strings were becoming more and more common in string winding. At DR we were convinced that we could feel, and hear a difference between a machine-made string and a handmade string. The more we compared the two ideas, the more we preferred the handmade feel and sound. Also we thought a lot of other players would share our opinion and that has proved to be true.